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Bird Box Little Girl

This charming music box was created by fran mar gorham in 1973. It is a classic style. It features a little girl holding a bird. The box is in mint condition. It is good for a little girl's desk and home office.

Bird Box Little Girl Target

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Top 10 Bird Box Little Girl

This little girl is looking so happy with her bird box and her feeder. The christmas music box has a beautiful avon porcelain figure of a little girl, its well made and makes a great gift for any clutching little girl. The box is in high quality with beautiful figural detail. this little enesco baby girl music box is the perfect way to make your baby’s bed special. With its beautiful bird in the box detail, this box is perfect for your family’s bedroom. The box also comes with a little bear in bed with him, which is perfect for left over baby food or toys. this little porcelaine girl is so pretty! Her clothes and hair are so little and she has a beautiful smile on her face! Her box is filled with beautiful flowers and birds, all of which she is playing with in her little home. There are some delicious looking chicken breasts in for the meal, and everyone gets a little while looking at herprevnext this vintage spinning music box is a delicious accessory for your little girl. With multiple functions and a cute design,