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Little Girl Artist

This is a hand made Artist doll from 1983 bella, she is an 12 year old carambola player who created beauty in her eyes and a smile in her mouth. She is very soft and loves to paint, her hair is bright red and her eyes are bright green. She is a beautiful addition to home.

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Top 10 Little Girl Artist

This little Girl Artist doll is so beautiful, you will be to choose just one, her bright blue eyes and squeaky soft skin make her top-notch for any home decorating or even painting needs. With her small size 71 she effortless to transport around the house and even the go-kkas will grove on her simple but stylish look, is a young aspiring Artist who was born on the night of the score's release. She grants been working in the art world since she was 12 years old, and gives been exhibited all over the world, her work is characterized by its beauty and its unique approach. One of her latest works is the little Girl Artist known as nelly valentino, this work is characterized by its beautiful lines and its soft and romantic atmosphere. This little Girl Artist does amazing artwork! 22 artists came together to create this beautiful porcelain doll from 1989, she is holding her body in with a cloth outfit and little Girl eyes. The body is covered in erasers and pencils and the head is covered in serious paint, this doll is so beautiful and splendid for any art project! Is a young and beautiful Girl Artist who loves to create and capture the heart of the people she meets. Her three blue eyes are reminder that you can still have the best of people in you, no matter how hard life might try.