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Little Girl Makeup

This kids makeup kit for girl is non-toxic and washable. It comes with a brush, brush, lipscrew, and lip balm. It also comes with a mirror, a tissue, and a pencil.

Little Girls Makeup


Makeup For Little Girls

This kit includes: -2 sets of little girl's favorite make up -Tropical fighting ants -1 inch long tortoise -1 inch long tortoise -8 smallér tortoise -2roups of tortoise -1 inch long tortoise -8 smaller tortoise -2 groups of tortoise -1 inch long tortoise -8 small tortoise -2 groups of tortoise -1 inch long tortoise This little girls makeup kit is perfect for kids 7 years old and up who love to wear makeup. The kit includes a washable makeup tool, a little makeup toy, and a variety of other fun tools to help them give their look the perfect finishing touch. This kit also includes a variety of other tools to help them create a more diverse and accurate makeup look. This little girl makeup kit is perfect for little girls! It includes a few different makeup sets and toy sets to keep your little girl looking perfect! The kit also comes with a play cosmetic play makeup toy set which is perfect for using with your children! This kids makeup kit is perfect for little girls who want to keep their makeup in check! The kit includes a portable bag that makes it easy to go about your day, and a few washable makeup products that would be great for young skin. The kit also includes a few tools that would help you apply your makeup more effectively, and a few tips for how to make your look come together.