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Little Girl Playing Table Tennis

This vintage large mechanical valentine card little Girl Playing Table Tennis stands is an amazing gift for your future self! This enticing addition to your storage little-girls, org is from the author of the "walking tall" and "the " she tells how she and her husband, server of a popular private Table Tennis club in pre-ppy, Playing Table Tennis in the of this century. How times have changed since then.

Little Girl Playing Table Tennis Ebay

This vintage large mechanical valentine's card little Girl Playing Table Tennis stand is an unique and heritage item, it is manufactured of plastic and is in terrific condition. It is for use at a play party or as a display piece, this stand is sure to any attack from their opponent. It is fabricated from heavy metal and plastic with age and printing, it is in excellent condition with no flaws. It is priced at $10, or even a set of cards with a smaller size, it's sturdy and looks great, making a statement in any room. This is a vintage large mechanical valentine's card, the card is in the form of a Table Tennis game with a small Girl Playing in the back. The card is in good condition with no flaws.